The Real Sheepskin Association is made up of Tanners, Merchants, Designers, Manufacturers, Retailers, Specialist After Carers and other Trade Institutions, all committed to providing quality sheepskin products and services.

RSA aims

1. To promote the use of Real Sheepskin.

2. To encourage high standards of processing,
    design, manufacture, retailing and aftercare.

3. To advise Trading Standards Officers of breaches of Trade Description legislation.

4. To provide a forum for the whole UK
    Sheepskin Industry.


The RSA is an entirely volunteer grouping, formed in 1988, with honorary chairman, secretary and treasurer. Action groups form as and when required drawn from RSA Members willing to help. There are few Meetings. Three or four newsletters are sent out annually.

Subscriptions go into funding young designers. For example the prestigious Sheepskin Furniture/Furnishings Design Award at New Designers.

We currently have 20 Members. They are highly effective and responsible in large part for the revival in the sheepskin industry's fortunes over the last 10 years. The secret – focused promotional activities. For example: mentoring designers, fostering the media, putting on seminars, and attendance at key exhibitions and shows.
The RSA supports the campaign for Compassion in Farming.

RSA membership

We welcome members from all sections of the business community who have an interest in promoting the UK sheepskin industry.

Our Members currently include woolskin tanners, merchants, fashion, footwear and furniture/furnishing designers, manufacturers, specialist retailers and aftercarers.

We have a number of Associate Members too, organisations and individuals, well-wishers who support what the RSA is trying to achieve.

For membership enquiries and subscription rates, please refer to our Contact page.